Investor Visa

Canada provides numerous opportunities for foreign entrepreneurs seeking to conduct business within the country. The aim of the Business Immigration Program is to facilitate foreign investment and employment in Canada by encouraging investors to establish or invest in businesses there.

If you're considering relocating to Canada as an investor, your best bet is to pursue the general Start-up Visa Program. To ensure success with your visa application, you must meet specific criteria, including having an innovative business idea, creating employment opportunities for Canadians, and demonstrating the ability to compete globally.

Requirements for Investors:

  • Have a viable business venture
  • Demonstrate intermediate proficiency in both English and French (Canadian Benchmark Level 5)
  • Obtain a letter of support from a designated institution (with a minimum funding commitment of $200,000 CDN from a designated Venture Capital Organization, $75,000 from a supported Angel Investor, or a Business Incubator)
  • Possess sufficient funds to establish yourself in Canada.

Entrepreneurs aspiring to contribute to the Canadian economy and unlock opportunities are encouraged to pursue this immigration pathway. Successful candidates not only have the chance to establish a business in Canada but also secure permanent residency.

Entrepreneurship Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the Entrepreneur Program, applicants must:

  • Establish, acquire, or develop a substantial stake in a Canadian business within two years of arrival, leading to significant economic contributions.
  • Engage actively in the ongoing management of the business.
  • Employ at least one Canadian citizen or permanent resident, excluding the entrepreneur and their dependents.

To ensure compliance with these requirements, entrepreneurs are required to regularly report their progress to immigration authorities within the specified two-year timeframe.

The business migration pathway targets individuals intending to establish or acquire a business in Canada, demonstrating a significant commitment to the country's economy, social fabric, or cultural landscape.

Eligibility for the Self-employed Persons Program requires candidates to:

  • Possess relevant experience (minimum of 2 years within the last 5 years).
  • Demonstrate readiness and willingness to be self-employed in Canada.
  • Fulfill the program's selection criteria (minimum of 35 points).
  • Meet the requirements for medical, security, and other considerations.

Selection criteria are based on:

  • Work experience
  • Educational background
  • Age
  • Language proficiency
  • Adaptability


The Canada Investor Visa, also known as the Immigrant Investor Program, attracts global investors seeking residency. To qualify, applicants must possess a net worth of at least CAD 10 million and make a non-refundable investment of CAD 2 million in the Canadian economy. Successful candidates gain permanent residency, enjoying Canada's diverse opportunities and high quality of life.


The Australia Investor Visa offers a pathway for foreign investors seeking to establish business ventures or invest in the country's thriving economy. With various streams, including the Business Innovation stream and the Significant Investor stream, the visa encourages capital infusion, job creation, and economic growth, fostering a dynamic business environment.