Harpreet Kaur

Hi, I'm Harpreet

Ms. Harpreet is really enthusiastic who is always up to date with the current updates about
the industry, working since almost 2 years. She supervises the admission process for Canada,
USA, UK Australia and Europe. As the head of admissions team,shelooks after the admission
process and makes sure that every process starting from admission to the visa goes smooth
under her vigilance.

Some of her major roles and responsibilities includes:-
To analyse the applications of anticipated students on the basis of standard admission policies
Process all incoming documents for international admissions.
To Advice applicants regarding admissions requirements, eligibility for admission, program
options, residency requirements and other matters related to their admissions
To resolves the queries and concerns of the students regarding their programme and country
To conduct meetings with universities regarding the upcoming changes in admission policies
and process.
To ensure that the process starting from Admissions to the Visa goes spontaneously
 Bachelor of Arts in Sociology Honours