Skilled Worker Visa

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 Skilled Worker Visa

From 1 January 2021, the UK presented another point-based System (PBS) of immigration control. Without precedent for many years, The Skilled Worker Visa is available to people of all ethnicities (aside from British and Irish) who have a proposal of an eligible skilled job in the UK from a Home Office-endorsed sponsor. Along these lines, the UK has opened the entryway of chances to work for upto five years and consequently take up Permanent Residence (ILR) in the UK. So, by the way of explanation, this is the visa category, which gives you full time rights to work and in a very manageable process.

With a Skilled Worker visa you can

  • Get the visa in a very short span of time

The UK Skilled Worker Visa process usually take three months once you have got a UK Home Office approved Employer. Generally, it takes 3 weeks to getting the visa decision from UK Home Office. This is quite a swift processing time in comparison to the other countries.

  • Live, work, and settle in the UK

Once you landed in the United Kingdom as a skilled worker, you will have the complete rights to full time along with part time work. After successful completion of five years as a skilled worker their you will be able to apply for ILR (Indefinite leave to Remain) i.e. Permanent Residence. So, if you are planning to move abroad for settlement, this is ideal visa category to have one.

  • Bring your spouse alongside the advantage of openwork and study consent.

Through Skilled worker Visa, UK allows you to bring your spouse along with you, so that he/she can accompany you emotionally and financially, as he/she will also have rights to work. Also, if He/she wants to study rather than work, this too is allowed to him/her. After all, struggle time for a better career is smooth with partner.

  • Live with your children while having free education and transport facilities.

Your kids can also be part of your UK journey, with the benefit of free British Education till High school, that leads to better life ahead. 

  • Be qualified for permanent residence (ILR) after five years.

For a secure career and, it is really important to have some basic rights of where we are living. So yes, United Kingdom is providing the settlement rights for the skilled workers.

Eligibility requirement

To be qualified for this visa, you should secure 70 points out of 130. These points will be characterized by specific boundaries for example Study, Work Experience, Knowledge of English, Salary, and occupation.

  • Certificate of Sponsorship (COS) from an approved UK sponsor.
  • Bachelor's certificate or equivalent education
  • Minimum 2 Years of applicable work insight
  • Knowledge of English upto CEFR level B1
  • Offered Salary ought not to be not exactly 'going rate'- Conventionally the minimum offered salary is £25,600, unless is not less than the going rate.

Primary Document Requirement. 

  • A Valid Passport:
  • Passport should have valid time period to acknowledge
  • It should consist at least three blank pages left.

  • Certificate of sponsorship
  • Certificate of Sponsorship is the letter issued by UK approved employer to offer employment to the candidate looking for Skilled Worker Visa.

  • Proof of Knowledge of English

To prove the knowledge of the language, there are two options:

  1. To appear for IELTS UKVI and get up to B1 level of CEFR scale
  2. To apply for ECCTIS, that confirms your English knowledge as per your education.

  • HealthCare Surcharge

While filing your visa, you also need to pay the Healthcare Charges for every year you live in the UK. This is also being charged for your spouse and kids, if they are accompanying you with your UK journey.

This is usually £624 a year. 

Generally, visitor visas are not intended for work purposes. However, certain countries may allow limited work opportunities. It's essential to clarify the work regulations specific to your destination.

How long does it take to process a Visitor Visa Movesedu Immigration?

The processing time varies depending on the destination country and the specific circumstances of your application. Movesedu Immigration will provide you with an estimated timeline during your consultation.

Visa rejections can be disappointing, but Movesedu Immigration can help you understand the reasons for the rejection and explore alternative options.